Kicking the Gates is a storytelling project currently under development. Each episode will explore different themes, characters, cultures, and individual stories of real girls and women who are helping to grow the game around the world. 

750 million people tuned into the 2015 Women's World Cup. And an estimated 29 million girls and women around the world are playing soccer. Yet, corporate sponsors and traditional media have been slow to respond to that demand. They'll come around eventually. Until then, we're taking the story direct to the audience, bypassing some of the traditional gatekeepers who decide which stories are worth telling. 

The growth of women's soccer is happening on the filed, in the stands, and in the press box. To all the girls out there playing the game and to the coaches and families: you're part of this story. To the fans on the sidelines at youth games and high school and college fields, in the stands at NWSL and USWNT games: you're part of the story.