The women's game has made great strides, yet stories of inequity and uphill battles still abound. There was the story of the national team from Trinidad and Tobago stranded at the airport without funds to cover cab fare to their hotel on the eve of a World Cup qualifier. There are the many stories of top professional women's players in the US who aren't able to earn a living wage, with salaries often less than $10,000. And there are the World Cup champion Americans, winning it all but only getting a quarter of what the US men were paid in Brazil for making it to the round of 16. 

There are countless stories to tell, not just at the highest levels, but also on the fields and streets where girls of every age, race, nationality and economic condition play the game. These are stories of facing down social taboos, struggling against underfunding and lack of opportunities, persevering, and playing the game the right way. These are stories of struggle, but also of triumph and hope, beauty and grace. If you believe in this story, in women's soccer and issues such as female empowerment and pay equality, help us tell these stories